Factors Encouraging the Pangandaran Female Entrepreneurs’ Sturdiness in Pandemic Time (A Case Study in Pangandaran Regency)

  • Prosiding Internasional
  • Ikeu Kania, Siti Anisa Silvia, Nani Rohaeni, Dodi Yudiardi, Iwan Ridwan Stiaji
  • Proceedings of the 11th Annual International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management ; 2021, Singapur ; ISBN : 978 – 1 – 7923 – 6124 – 1


The number of female populations in Indonesia is nearly a half of total population number. In economic sector, women play vital role despite no recognition sometimes. Woman as business performer, particularly the performer Micro-, Small-, and Middle-scale Enterprises in Indonesia is very meritorious in supporting the nation’s economy. Out of 64 millions MSMEs existing in Indonesia, about 50 percents are established and run by women. In difficult times like this Covid-19 pandemic era, MSMEs become a hope to keep maintaining the economic stability. The role of women as MSME performer has large potency and becomes the nation’s power, particularly in dealing with crisis. The objectives of research are to see and to analyze the factors encouraging the women’s sturdiness in running entrepreneurship in pandemic time. The research method employed was qualitative one, while techniques of collecting data used were observation, interview, and questionnaire distribution to MSME female performers, consisting of 98 women. Technique of analyzing data used was exploratory factor analysis with 20 variables. The result of research showed that out of 20 variables tested, there are 4 new factors encouraging the women’s role in pandemic era. They are character role, reproductive role, productive role, and social role factors.

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