Kahoot!: A Game-Based Learning Tool as an Effective Medium to Improve Students Achievement in Rural Areas

  • Book Chapter
  • Dini Turipanam Alamanda, Grisna Anggadwita, Abdullah Ramdhani, Mediany Kriseka Putri and Wati Susilawati
  • Opening up education for inclusivity across digital economies and societies; ISBN : 9781522574736


Learning strategies in the digitalization era are vastly expanding. Students are comprised of the millennials for whom life cannot be separated from technology and the internet. The ever-expanding technology has posed new challenge on the teaching process of millennials, and one of which is the growing importance and increased involvement of technology that empower a host of new learning tools. One of the most prominent open-access teaching/learning tool is Kahoot! This chapter aims to complement studies about the use of game-based methods at higher education. The survey was conducted for 1 year at a university located in a small city in Indonesia. A total of 415 students were actively involved in measuring their perceptions of games-based learning tools called Kahoot! Furthermore, this study also measured differences in outcomes between faculties, types of subjects, and commonly used research methods. The result shows that Kahoot! positively impacts student academic achievement as measured by student motivation, enjoyment, engagement, and concentration.

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