Toward the Creation of Intrapreneur-Friendly Organization Judul Buku : Intrapreneurship and Sustainable Human Capital

  • Book Chapter
  • Abdullah Ramdhani, Prisia Fauzizah, Dini Turipanam Alamanda & Grisna Anggadwita
  • Intrapreneurship and Sustainable Human Capital; ISBN : 978-3-030-49409-4


A number of companies are now starting to build accelerators and incubators to enable them to communicate continuously with many of the industry’s leading start-ups. The missions of these organizations will be achieved by improving their performance through knowledge sharing. One of the main sources of entrepreneurial competitive advantage is organizational capabilities, implemented with a resource-based strategy. Corporate conceptualization is one of the organizational capabilities that enables companies to overcome systematic internal constraints. New business initiatives will allow companies to rediscover themselves. This paper examines the impact of knowledge sharing and organizational capabilities on intrapreneurship. A quantitative method with a causal type was used in this study. The questionnaires were distributed to 209 workers in 27 Toyota authorized dealers in Indonesia, and then the obtained data was processed using structural equation modeling. The results revealed that knowledge sharing and organizational capabilities have a significant impact on intrapreneurship in official Toyota dealers. Another finding was that organizational factors have a dominant influence in increasing the value of intrapreneurship. This research implies that companies can increase intrapreneurship by making real policies and paying attention to the supporting elements.

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