E-Business Analysis of Garut University (UNIGA) Using the Business Model Canvas

  • Jurnal Internasional
  • Maghfirah, Dini Turipanam Alamanda, Adhi Prasetio, Fajar Prabowo, Abdullah Ramdhani
  • International Journal Of Science and Research (IJSR); Vol. No. Bulan, Thn : Vol. 3 Issue. 6 Juni 2014; ISSN : 2319-7064


The purpose of this study was to make a map of e-business implementation at Garut University (UNIGA) by using business model canvas; to evaluate this implementation we used SWOT analysis and the importance of performance analysis (IPA) matrix. This study was a qualitative research that had three phases. The first was preliminary phase; the second was evaluation phase; and the last was validation phase. As a result; UNIGA still needs a lot of improvement to go on the value proposition ICT Based Educational Institution. From nine existing blocks of Business Model Canvas; seven blocks should be improved; namely key activity; key partner; channel; customer relationship; customer segments; cost structure; and revenue stream. SWOT analysis showed that all the attributes of strength and weakness are in keep up the good work quadrant where the average respondent considered that the implementation of e-business at UNIGA have a good performance and could be applied at UNIGA.

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