Conceptual Framework of Corporate Culture Influenced on Employees Commitment to Organization

  • Jurnal Internasional Bereputasi
  • Abdullah Ramdhani, Muhammad Ali Ramdhani, Hilda Ainisyifa
  • International Business Management; Vol. 11 Issue. 3 Tahun 2017; ISSN : 1993-5250


Based on analyzing to some previous research, this study is developed by using constructs to explain how the dimension of corporate culture impacts employees commitment. This study uses examination model based on the literature reviews of previous research and then the hypotheses were be expended as a methodology. The result of the study shows that the employee commitment to organization can be improved through corporate culture that consists of teamwork, communication, training development and reward- recognition. To maintain efficiency, effectivity and organization productivity could be conducted by optimizing employee commitment to organization by creating and implementing corporate culture consistently. The concept of employee commitment to organization is described with causal relation toward corporate culture which is decomposed into the dimension of teamwork, communication, training development and reward-recognition.

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