The Impact of Intellectual Capital on Financial Performance

  • Jurnal Internasional Bereputasi
  • Novie Susanti Suseno, Tinneke Hermina, Abdullah Ramdhani, Lia Utari
  • International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE); Vol. 8 Issue. 1S Bulan Mei Tahun 2019; ISSN : 2277-3878


This research is carried out to examine the impact of intellectual capital by using a measurement of Value Added Intellectual Coefficient (VAIC) comprising of Human Capital Efficiency (HCE), Structural Capital Efficiency (SCE), and Capital Employed Efficiency (CEE) on financial performance measured by Return On Asset (ROA). This research applied causalitas method. The data of this study were quarterly financial reports consisting of statement of financial position (balance sheet) and statement of profit and loss from 2013 to 2015 of Bank of Perkreditan Rakyat Syariah PNM Mentari Garut (BPRS PNM Mentari). The data were analyzed by using double linear regression. The result of data analysis revealed that Human Capital Efficiency has no influence on ROA. It also revealed that Structural Capital Efficiency exerts no influence on ROA. Furthermore, the analysis indicated that Capital Employed Efficiency significantly influenced ROA. Based on such findings, this research proposed a generic model that can be adopted by similar organizations in improving financial performance.

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