Coordinatori Poverty Alleviation Program, An Analysis Based On Instrumentaland Institutional Perspective

  • Jurnal Nasional
  • Gugun Geusan Akbar, Ikeu Kania, Aceng Ulumudin, Abdullah Ramdhani
  • Regional Dynamic: Journal of Policy and Business Science; Vol. 1 No. 1/2019; ISSN : 2686-0783


Nowadays, the government has launched various programs for the poor people as a part of the poverty alleviation program. The launch of the various programs involved many parties so that coordination became one of the problems in the poverty prevention program policy in Indonesia. This research was aimed to analyse the coordination of poverty prevention program in Garut as one of the poorest districts in West Java Province. The research used qualitative methods. Data were collected through primary data and secondary data collection. Primary data was collected by interviews and focus group discussions. Secondary data was collected by a review of the literature and data sharing from magazines, reports, news media and others. As the analytical tool, it used the coordination perspectives of Cristensen and Laegreid which adduce the theoretical perspectives related with coordination between organizations, namely instrumental and institutional.The results of the study showed that coordination between organizations in the poverty prevention program is still not good and still has several factors that become obstacles. Suggestions that can be proposed are the need of leadership development that is collegial collectives. Another suggested thing is the need of common arena development that is aimed to be communication instrument, vision equalization, mission and objectives. It is also aimed to make more integrated program planning from each organization so that the coordination inhibiting factors can be eliminated.

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