Feasibility Study for Alternatives Strategy to Maintain Product Quality (Case Study: Craftsmen Kid T-Shirt–Bekasi Barat, Indonesia)

  • Prosiding Internasional
  • Rida Zuraida, Yulius Rico Setiawan, Abdullah Ramdhani
  • Proceeding of The 3rd Indonesia International Conference on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, & Small Business (IICIES 2011); School of Business and Management ITB Bandung Indonesia; ISBN : 978‐979‐19081‐3‐9


One of kid T-shirt small business at Bekasi uses marketed T-shirt as raw material because the capital is limited and the small of salesvolume. But since the T-shirt is come from 4 (four) suppliers with different size and fabric, the craftsman have difficulties to maintain the quality of product. This research conducted to see which alternative is best1) keep using marketed T-shirt, 2) advance business by produce its own T-shirt that suitable with the size and fabric has preferred, or 3) outsourcing the production the T-shirt with standardized kids’ size. To achieve the objective, four brands marketed T-shirt has compared to anthropometric kids data. Consumer preferences also collected to see which fabric consumer prefers. Anthropometric kids’ data use is 3-6 years kids andconsumer preference for fabric was collected from kids’ parent. Based on them, one brand has chosen if craftsman keep using marketed T-shirt (alternative 1). After collecting information about cost required for alternative 2 and 3, all alternative was compared. And the result are: for existing salesvolume, alternatives 1 (one) is the best. To use two other alternatives they have to arrange marketing strategy that can boost their sales.

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