• Prosiding Internasional
  • Acep Abdul Basit, Tinneke Hermina, Muslim Al Kautsar
  • The 2018 International Conference of Organizational Innovation Volume 2018


Companies not only expect capable, adequate, and expert employee, but also willing to work hard and have a desire to achieve the optimal results. Their ability, capability, and skills do not mean anything to the companies, if they are not willing to work hard to use their ability, capability, and skill. The motivation to work is needed but the most important is internal motivation to stimulate the employee’s desire to work hard and be enthusiastic to achieve more productivity. An environmental condition is said to be appropriate if a person can carry out their activity optimally, healthily, safely, and comfortably. Incompatible environment emerges in a long term. Furthermore, unfavorable environment conditions requires more energy and time that does not support the efficient framework systems. This purpose of this study is to know the influence of Internal Motivation and Work Environment on Productivity. This study used associative methods of causal correlation. The population in this study is 30 employees of PT. Indosat in Garut Substation. A whole population became sample data in this study, the authors took a sample based on the census methods. The result is productivity able to be influenced by internal motivation because it is highly important for the employee to have internal motivation that is important and influences companies overall. The conclusion is that internal motivation does influence the productivity of the employees. Keywords: internal motivation, work environment, productivity

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