• Prosiding Internasional
  • Rohimat Nur Hasan, Tinneke Hermina, Hanifah Fauziah
  • Proceedings of International Conference on Sustainable Collaboration in Business, Technology, Information and Innovation (SCBTII), Vol. 3 Tahun 2022, e-ISSN: 2621-3192


Social media platforms are commonly used to strengthen the identity of a brand. The image of a brand will strengthen the perception that consumers have about the product as a result of the reflection of the consumers thoughts. The image attached to an object will be stronger and better, depending on the delivery of promotions through social media marketing carried out properly. Conversely, when product information is not good, the image of an object is also not good. This study aims to analyze the effect of social media marketing on brand image among Z-generation students in Garut, Indonesia. This research obtains data by distributing questionnaires with the purposive sampling technique to Z-generation students. The data using validity and reliability test were then analyzed by simple linear regression. The results indicate that social media marketing influence positively on brand image of generation Z students. Z-Generation are the most active Instagram users. Therefore, social media can create a high and positive brand in the minds of consumers. Thus, the company improve the image of a product, hit can be communicated through Instagram intensely because most Instagram users are Z-Generation consumers who encourage the brand image positively. Keywords: Brand image, digital marketing, generation-Z, social media marketing.

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