• Konferensi Internasional
  • Dini Turipanam Alamanda, Abdullah Ramdhani, Nizar A Hamdani, Ikeu Kania, Fajar S.A Prabowo
  • Book of Abstract Airlangga International Conference on Economics and Business (2018)


Local wisdom is an important point of concern of Indonesian Ministry of Tourism in realizing sustainable tourism. Garut Regency is one of the regions in Indonesia that makes tourism as a regional superior commodity potential but unfortunately has serious problems, especially in marketing strategies. The purpose of this research is to map the potential of local wisdom that spread in Garut Regency and provide an alternative marketing strategy to sell its superior tourism potential. By using a mix-method approach, the initial data was obtained through interviews with 42 key persons to gather list of local wisdom from 42 sub districts in Garut Regency. Processed data in phase 1 was used as the basis information in creating the questionnaire that then distributed to 500 Garut people to rank the top 10 local wisdoms in Garut Regency. The third phase is the distribution of questionnaires to 400 West Java regional communities both who have come to Garut Regency as Nusantara tourists and who have never visited Garut to give their preference toward combination of local wisdom in Garut Regency. The results of this study are data of potential local wisdom of Garut Regency and alternative marketing strategies based on the preferences of Nusantara tourists. The benefits of this study can also be used as a consideration for the stakeholders of Garut Regency tourism who are part of hexa helix in developing Garut regency tourism and boost number of tourists to visit Garut Regency. Keywords: local wisdom; sustainable tourism; tourism marketing strategy; tourist preference

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