Performances Holstein Frisien (FH) dairy Cow in different agricultural ecosystem

  • Jurnal Internasional
  • T Kusmayadi, M Hasan, E Herawati and U H Tanuwiria
  • Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2019 Vol:1402, issue 03, Conf. Ser. 1402 033044 DOI 10.1088/1742-6596/1402/3/033044, Penulis Ke 1 dari 4 Penulis


Abstract. This research was about the performance Friesian Holland dairy cow in different agricural ecosystems inIndonesia.The objective of research was to study growth performance, body weight and milk production FH in Indonesia. The method of the research was survey method, with the technique of determining farmers proportionally.Sampling farmers and their livestock by random sampling method. The data was processed using SPSS 22.0 for the simple descriptive analysis and then tested statistically used T-Test.The results it was concluded that growth, body weight, and milk yield of dairy cows were influenced by agroecosystems, in the dry land agroecosystems and located on or adjacent to forests (dryland and tropical forest/AES DL-Forest), productivity of dairy cows was better than irrigated and dry land with wide balanced rice agroecosystems (DL-IRF) and rainfed and dry land agroecosystems (AES DLRainfed).

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