• Jurnal Internasional Bereputasi
  • Galih Abdul Fatah Maulani, Nizar Alam Hamdani, Sukma Nugraha, Asri Solihat, Teten Mohamad Sapril Mubarok
  • International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies, Vol. 15 No. 4, Tahun 2021, eISSN: 1865-7923


Information technology encourages various forms of organizations to always adapt to changes so that they can sustain their business for a long time. Higher education institutions are organizational entities required to use information technology to support existing business processes. This study aims to examine the extent to which information technology resources have an influence on innovation performance in higher education. Quantitative research methods are used to determine this influence by involving 97 respondents who work in higher education institutions in Garut, Indonesia, besides processing and modeling research using SmartPLS. The results of the analysis show that information technology resources have an essential role in creating innovation performance improvement in higher education institutions, especially in terms of product innovation. The research was conducted only at private universities in Garut Regency. Therefore, further research involving universities in a nationwide scope is recommended. The results of this study imply that it is necessary for universities, which are expected to be ready for changes, to involve information technology in the creation of innovation in order for them to survive. The effect of information technology resources on the performance of innovation in private universities in Garut Regency has never been studied before; therefore, we consider that our study provides a novel contribution to the field. Keywords: Information Technology Resources, Innovation Performance, Higher Education Institutions

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