Internalisasi Nilai Pendidikan Karakter Pada Masyarakat Adat Kampung Pulo Dalam Pembelajaran Nilai-Nilai Kementerian Energi dan Sumber Daya Mineral

  • Jurnal Nasional Terakreditasi
  • M Tajudin Zuhri, Ani Maliani
  • Jurnal Aparatur, Vol 4 No 1 tahun 2020, EISSN 2775-6238


The culture that is found in some indigenous peoples in Indonesia contains a lot of national cultural values which are still strong. But culture in the form of local wisdom values is often ignored, because it is not considered in accordance with the times. In fact, local wisdom can be used as a model in the development of Indonesian culture and organization values learning. In this context that research is carried out to see how indigenous peoples as minority groups internalize their cultural values into cohesive values and reflect in strong character. Indigenous peoples who are in Kampung Pulo, Desa Cangkuang, Kecamatan Leles, Kabupaten Garut, West Java Province, are indigenous groups who continue to internalize and preserve traditional values into the character of their citizens. This type of research uses a qualitative approach with ethnographic types, namely research conducted in a particular indigenous community environment. As for the objectives to be achieved in this study is to briefly describe the internalization of cultural values of indigenous villages that can be promoted as the basis for forming the character of the Indonesian Nation and organization values internalization Based on an analysis of various facts that are related to the kampong pulo, then it can be concluded that the community of kampong pulo is a traditional village that still exists to uphold the traditions that have been inherited from their ancestors. This is because they still have customary rules that are adhered.

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