Efektivitas Penggunaan Sari Buah Jeruk Nipis Dalam Mempertahankan Kualitas Nasi

  • Jurnal Nasional Terakreditasi
  • Novriyanti Lubis, Riska Prasetiawati, Nuriani Rahayu Saidah
  • Jurnal Ilmu Pangan dan Hasil Pertanian Vol 5, No.1, Juni 2021, Halaman .36-48 P-ISSN: 2581-088x E-ISSN: 2581-110x


ABSTRACT The writer conducted a research about the effectiveness of use of limes extract towards cooked rice. The purpose of this research was to find out the optimum condition of preservation by using limes thus it can preserve the cooked rice. It was also to reveal how long limes extract can preserve the cooked rice contained in rice warmer or magic jar. The effectiveness was measured from the quality of the cooked rise through observing the number of colony and physical nature of the rice. Limes extract was variously added in several number of concentrate. They were 0%, 0.46%, 0.93%, 1.40%, and 1.87%. the observations of the cooked rice nature were conducted every 12 hours based on discoloration, scent, and flavor. The calculation of the number of colony was measured every 24 hours. Based on the result of the research considered from the cooked rice quality through observing the number of the coloni and physical nature. at concentrate 0.93%, it showed the optimum concentrate which is effective in preserve the cooked rise. Keyword : Cooked rice, lime juice (Citrus aurantifolia), quality rice

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