Child Abuse in Garut Regency

  • Jurnal Internasional
  • Rostiena Pasciana, Ieke Sartika Iriany, Mulyaningsih, R. Ismira Febrina
  • Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research; Vol. 8 Sp. Issue 3 2019; p-ISSN 2414-6722


Slot Gacor This study was motivated by the rampant cases of violence against children in Indonesia reported by various media, including that occurred in Garut Regency. As a state law, Indonesia has a Child Protection Act and a legal institution to protect children; but the implementation is not effective enough to minimize the number of child abuse cases. The theory used on this study is related to “social service” that derived from public service. The process in managing the case of child abuse is conducted by the coordination among legal authorities in social service and child abuse treatment. This study is conducted by qualitative descriptive approach. The informants on this study were the administrators of the service institution that handling child abuse cases, which was determined purposively with the total number of 9 people. The data analysis conducted by verbal with data reduction steps, data presentation, and verification. The result of this research showed that the process management of child abuse cases is carried out in stages, synergy in handling child abuse has been done well. Although there are still obstacles found such as limited human resources, time and facility, no post-handling case associations, lack of community participation, and communication with victims. Keywords: child abuse, social service.

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