Social Change on The Revolution 4,0 Era in Higher Education

  • Prosiding Internasional
  • I. S. Iriany, Rostina Pasciana, S.S., M.Si, and Dr. Mulyaningsih, M.Si
  • Proceedings Indonesian High Education Institution Stragety in Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0; ISBN/ISSN : 978-84-09-16395-3


Industrial Revolution 4.0; demanding socio-cultural changes and social engineering, the obvious challenge for private higher education institutions is how to respond to actual conditions by developing human resources, to achieve national education goals. On one hand, globalization must be carried out, on the other hand it is demanded to maintain the local values that show national identity. The main problem in this study is how is social change in higher education in facing the challenges of the industrial revolution 4.0? This research used a qualitative approach with survey-descriptive methods, and interview, observation and documentation techniques. Informants were determined purposively with the total number of 18 people, located in 5 Private Universities in Garut Regency. Data analysis conducted through the stages of reduction, display, analysis and conclusion. The qualitative approach lies in the results of descriptive and practical surveys. Most approaches were carried out through cultural change and modernization based on the needs and possibilities that apply (A.Hadita: 2015) Theory used: the theory of social change (Rogers: 1984). The results showed that social change in private higher education institutions was determined by various factors, including the development of the global environment and the demands to maintain the value of local wisdom, in improving human resources.

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