Moodle-Based Learning Management System Application in the Development of Interactive Digital Module in Description Statistics Courses

  • Prosiding Internasional
  • Iyam Maryati, Nizar Alam Hamdani, Galih Abdul Fatah Maolani, Tetep
  • Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Education and Technology (ICETECH 2022) Volume 6, 26 July 2023 EISSN: 2354-5398 ISBN : 10.2991/978-2-38476-056-5_38 Halaman : 354–366 doi : 10.2991/978-2-38476-056-5_38


This research is motivated by the importance of learning innovation in lectures during the COVID-19 pandemic which is in accordance with the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 to be able to increase the statistical literacy of prospective teacher students. This study aims to develop an interactive digital module using a Moodle-based Learning Management System (LMS) application. This research is a development research using research methods, namely R & D with the ADDIE model with 5 stages namely 1) Analysis, 2) Design, 3) Development, 4) Implementation, and 5) Evaluation. The subjects of this study were 26, 5th semester students at the Institut Pendidikan Indonesia, Garut. The instruments used are validity sheets, practicality sheets, effectiveness sheets, and student response sheets. The results of this study, based on the media expert test and the material expert test, the media was declared valid with an average of 89.67% which was categorized as very good. The learning media is declared practical based on the practicality test by the validator with an average of 89.33% which is categorized as very good. The results of the study indicate that the interactive digital module for this descriptive statistics course is suitable for use as a learning medium based on the results of validation by learning media experts, material experts, supporting lecturers, and student groups. The implications of this research can be used as a reference for academic practitioners in learning innovation in higher education.

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