Enterprise Architectural Planning Hospital Using Oracle Architecture Development Process (OADP) General Hospital Type C Authors

  • Prosiding Internasional
  • Sukrina Herman, Yopi Nugraha1, Tetep, Nizar Alam Hamdani, Galih Abdul Fatah
  • Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Education and Technology (ICETECH 2022) Volume 6, 26 July 2023 EISSN: 2354-5398 ISBN : 10.2991/978-2-38476-056-5_4042 Halaman : 376–389 doi : https://doi.org/10.2991/978-2-38476-056-5_40 TERINDEKS WoS,SCO


The development of information technology and information systems, it is the main factor that can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the main business processes that are carried out. In utilizing better information technology, a system that is connected to the desired application in achieving the hospitals goals. Therefore, we need an enterprise architecture (EA) design using the Oracle Architecture Development Process (OADP) method. This research produces a blueprint architecture by having 4 important components, namely business architecture, data architecture, application architecture and technology architecture.

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