Waste Management by Garut Youth Movement, Indonesia

  • Jurnal Internasional Bereputasi
  • Ikeu Kania, Dini Turipanam Alamanda, Pupung Pundenswari dan Abdullah Ramdhani
  • Test Enginering and Management, Vol. No. Bulan, Thn : Vol. 82 Januari 2020, ISSN : 0193-4120


Environmental problems, especially waste management, attract young people to be part of the solution. The purpose of this study was to find out about the movement of millennial generation in waste management participation in Garut Regency. World Cleanup Day is a program that is the main object of research. Using a qualitative approach, the survey through observation was carried out for two years and interviews were carried out on a number of competent sources, both from internal and external organizations. The results showed that there are still organizational activities that need to be improved so that this youth organization not only organizes annual activities, but routinely and continuously conduct activities related to the solution to the problem of waste in Indonesia. The implication of the study shows that young people, especially millennials, can become government partners in overcoming social problems.

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