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  • Kategori : TA Mahasiswa
  • Penulis : Femi Asmarina
  • Identitas : 2402714146
  • Abstrak :

    Femi Asmarina, 2402714146. This research the Significancy of the Beauty of Women Who Use Eyelash Extension with Significancy of the Beauty of Women Who Use Eyelash Extension in Garut as the subtitles. Under guidance of Dra. Iis Zilfah Adnan, M.Si as the first adviser and Leadya Raturahmi, S.S., M.I. Kom as the second adviser. This research’s background is the high number of women who use eyelash extension in Garut, every individual has different point of view regarding the use of eyelash extension, there are those who see from positive point of view and there are those who see from negative point of view. The significancy itself became the case that has to be handle by the related experts such as Opthalmologist and Psychologist. Eyelash extension became a learning on how to choose good, clean and trusted eyelash extension installment place, how to choose the glue for eyelash extension with the smallest ammount of chemical substance, as well as the hygiene of the eyelash extension itself to protect one’s eyelash from bacteria thus the unwanted side effects could be prevented. This research use qualitative approach with phenomenologic theory. The data collection use observation, interview, literature review and documentation. The subjects in this research are women who use eyelash extension in Garut with certain criterias as follows : aged 19 – 28 years old, married or single, and willing to participate in the research until the end. The result shows that informants had various motives regarding the use of eyelash extension such as curiosity, to shorten the time needed to do make up, increasing the beauty, following the trends, the special motive of the eyelash extension use in Garut from the positive point of view is as a learning, which means to take one strong decision in determining one’s assurance and desire before doing eyelash extension. As for the informant’s experience regarding the communication in the use of eyelash extension is the open communication, women who do eyelash extension always open towards their families and friends regarding the beauty, and because of that they could always find the right solution. Keywords : meaning, women and eyelash extension, open communication, phenomenology


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