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  • Kategori : TA Mahasiswa
  • Penulis : Muhamad Rahmat Aulia
  • Identitas : 2402714155
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    Tingkeban is a ceremony for the first child seven months gestation. Tingkeban tradition is actually adopted from javanese tribe, one of the traditions that still exists today. This research focuces on the communicaions activites of the Tingkeban traditions from the sundanese tradition, and produces some guetions about how communictive situations, communictive even, communictive action, communictive components and communictive meanings in the Tingkeban tradition of sundanese in Garut distict. This type of research is qualitative. While research method used is an ethnografhic study of communication. Most of the data were colleted through observation, interview and documenation study. Informants consisted of four people, 2 of them were already doing and 2 other were going o do this tradition. Determaining informants techniques using purposive sampling. Data validity test using source triangulation. The result of this study illustrate that communicative situations in the Tingkeban tradition consist of situations of sacredness, intimacy, excitement, conducive and thick with syndanese customs.communicative events in the Tingkeban tradition consist of thankgiving for racitation and siraman. Communicative actions in the Tingkeban tradition consist of verbal and non verbalcommunication. The communicative component in the Tingkeban tradition consists of genre or type of event, the topic, the purpose and function, the setting, participant, from a message, the content of the message, the rules of interaction, the norm of interpretation. The communicative meaning of the Tingkeban tradition consists of verbal and non verbal communication. Keywords : ritual communication, Tingkeban tradition, sundanese custom, etnographic communication.


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