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  • Kategori : TA Mahasiswa
  • Penulis : Fanny Juliati
  • Identitas : 2402714072
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    The title of this research is : Alter Twitter as Communication Media in Lesbian Community (Dramaturgy Study About The Use of Twitter Alter as Communication Media in Lesbian Community). This research’s background is the use of alter Twitter among lesbians. Alter Twitter is the second Twitter, which is made with “fake” identity to express things that can not be expressed in one’s real account. Lesbians find it difficult to express their true self in their real personal account, because the negative appraisal the society gives towards them. Based on that, lesbians use alter Twitter so they can express their thoughts and feelings without a fear of judgment. Alter Twitter is also used as communication media among lesbians. This research’s aim is to discover how the front stage that lesbians show in their alter Twitter and the back stage they show in their real Twitter. The research method in this research is qualitative descriptive, with dramaturgy study, the theory that explains that social interraction interpreted similarly with drama show on the stage. The data collection technique are observation of participants, in-depth interview, literature studies and documentation. The subjects in this research are five lesbians, who are active users of alter Twitter, selected by using purposive technique. The result of this research shows that alter Twitter is used by lesbians as front stage to express their true self including their sexual orientation, to find friendships and relationships as well as communicating with their fellow lesbians. Meanwhile, the real Twitter that lesbians have, act as the back stage to cover their true identity and less often accessed because they don’t feel free to express themselves there. Keyword : communication, alter twitter, lesbian, dramaturgy.


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